Wednesday, 20 August 2014

The new Lush Spa Leeds

Lush for many is a little like Marmite. Some love it some hate it. Some can't even walk past the shop without moaning about the fragrance lingering in the air. Some love the warm relaxing scent.  Some hate cleaning the bath after their explosive glittery bath bombs. Some love the unique fun-ness of the products. Some hate the staff who approach you in store. Some love the free advice and friendly attitude. I love Lush. (I also love Marmite). 

In fact whilst I go put the toaster on, as I'm now rather peckish for Marmite on toast, you go put the kettle on and we shall then adventure into the new Lush Store in Leeds.

Since I walk past the store daily on my commute to work (typically with a Marmite bagel, breakfast treat in hand) It's really caught my eye what a gorgeous building the new store is held in. Just across the road from the smaller previous Lush venue, but on the same street as venues such as the old Leeds Library, I'm quite pleased one of my favourite brands has bagged the beautiful large corner venue, in what I consider a typical old fashioned Leeds style building.  

Quite simply such a new stunning larger venue means Lush can really showcase their products to the world Leeds in a more suited deserved, shiny new MASSIVE store. Believe me bigger is better, when the new store comes with a spa twice the big as the old venue with 4 treatment even had a bath! I'm pretty darn impressed. 

Even with the new larger venue, it feels nice going into a Lush store, knowing the vast majority of the products remain the same. For me Lush has always provided excellent quality over the many years I've shopped there, I think many people like myself continue to return back for there favourite products time after time.  

Yet spotting the new releases becomes such a exciting moment for fellow lush lovers like myself and I feel no trip to Lush is complete without spotting something new mingled in with all the oldies. With the much loved seasonal lines such as the Snow Fairy shower gel at Christmas or the cute bunny bath bombs at Easter I'm still always fascinated by the release of a new product or something new I spot. Has anyone spotted the secret ingredient yet in the Let the good times roll face cleaners? 

I was so excited to see the new spa after such an amazing visit there last year. Remember this post. The opening showcased all the new treatments including the new Hard Days night treatment, inspired by The Beatles with specially created tracks mixing in Beatles classics, for the lush store. The treatment it's self is something rather unique and is a deep massage treatment designed to help you relax after a hard days. The treatment is in the typical Lush unique fashion and includes wearing a pair of fresh pyjamas. 

At the end I was kindly gifted with a selection of products from the new ranges in Lush including my favourite D'Fluff strawberry shaving foam and the African paradise body conditioner. Designed as a shower body conditioner to use in the shower and then rinse as opposed to apply a moisturiser after of is perfect for me I'm a little lazy when it comes to moisturising. Other treats included the new Zest hair gel and one thing that really amazed me The Sunblock. A soap style sun screen designed to be used like soap yet providing the protection of a sunscreen all day long. Again perfect for me as I hate applying sunscreen. I'm also pretty sure this won't count as a liquid when trying to condense down your beauty stash in the airport for holidays. 

Have been to the new Lush store in Leeds or tried any of the new products?


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