Thursday, 14 August 2014

Monthly Shoe Wishlist | Gym Edition |

Ahh the monthly shoe wishlist. It's that time again, well for me payday, yippiee. Although I must say I spend a considerable amount of time browsing shoes (and buying them) all year round. In fact if you aren't aware, I'm now part of a new shoe blog, what's coming soon here

So this month it dawned on me that I've mostly lived in two pair's of shoes despite my extensive (and mostly impractical) collection. One been a pair of summer sandals, all be the great British weather has other ideas, the second been trainers. Yep if you haven't had enough of me on twitter gloating how well I'm doing at the gym I thought I'd do it in the form of a shoe wishlist. 

Since I've been doing so well at the gym (oops there I go again) then I figured I'd treat myself. It's also a good motivation boost to have some swanky new kicks and if I'm honest there aren't many other options for trying to look good whilst sweating it out at the gym. 

1. Nike Rosherun Black Hyp Trainers - ASOS £83.00 £49.00
I'm much more a fan of colourful trainers than black (yet thinking about my current trainers are mostly black). However I'm so drawn towards these. The colourful soles look fun and bright whilst the whole looks of the trainers remain sleek and stylish. 

2. Puma TX-3 Nylon Black Trainers - ASOS £65.00 £27.00
What's not to like about these? They remind me almost of pop art with the retro print and the design is brilliantly executed. I think these will be more of a weekend errands trainers than the gym however at £27.00 there a bargain. 

3. New Balance Black/Blue Suede and Mesh 430 Trainers - ASOS £60.00 £42.00
Weirdly enough when I see these I instantly think they need a pair of black skinny jeans and a silk varsity jacket. I kind of love hate these but either way I think there pretty cool so they've made the list. If it makes sense to anyone (definatly won't do) but the fact I think there a little bit tacky looking makes me like them a lot more. 

4. Nike Orange Rosherun Trainers - ASOS £70.00 £49.00
I think these are going to be my new trainers of choice. The bright orange colours should add that spring in step for the treadmill and since most my gym clothes are black and a little dull this should add a nice amount of colour to my gym attire. 

P.S I promised you I'm not been sponsored by ASOS to write this, it turns out they actually had the best sale on at the moment. 


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