Monday, 3 November 2014

Organic Surge moisturiser and mask

I first came across Organic Surge when a little pot of the super intensive daily moisturiser* landed in a goodie bag from a blogger meet up. Despite owning draws full of make up and all kinds of skincare goodies, moisturiser is never something I've quite liked or enjoyed using. Yet the simple moisturise is something I'm sure most of us has as a beauty staple. For me it's been a battle of finding a product which combats my combination skin, doesn't break me out or makes me feel like I've worked a shift down the local chippy. I've been using the Organic Surge super intensive daily moisturiser for a few months now and I'm quite in love with it. So much so I've added the blissful daily moisturiser and first class mask to my ever growing beauty collection.

Organic Surge super intensive daily moisturiser 50ml* £10.95
I adore this product for my combination skin. As you might be able to tell by the worn looking jar, I've used this everyday for a few months now and dare I say enjoyed using a moisturiser for once. I'd say I'm about a quarter into the jar so far so I expect the product to last a while. The product is thick and creamy which at first I was a little scared about, for a daily moisturiser I was expecting something a little lighter but it sinks into the skin quickly and feels rather luxurious. There's a light fragrant scent of rose to the product which I'm not typically a fan of but it's nothing too overpowering and I've grown to quite like this. It leave my skin feeling soft and hydrated and is great for those with sensitive skin like myself. 

Organic Surge first class mask 50ml (currently sold out)
This product is defiantly sold out for a reason. The first thing I noticed was the product smells like lemon cheesecake! Amazeballs right. Don't be fooled it does not taste the same, yep that's right I had a little lick of my face. Just couldn't resist. I was expecting a gel based mask, not sure why but it is in fact a cream based face mask which dries more like a clay mask. I'm sat with this on as we speak, well as you read, and yes I am now pulling weird faces to feel the mask crack. Surely you all do this. The mask gives a deep clean to the skin for those of us prone to blemishes it restores rebalances the skin. Unlike other clay based masks it's also pretty easy to wash of the skin. 

Organic Surge blissful daily moisturiser 50ml £9.50
A little lighter than the super intensive moisturiser but still just as luxurious and hydrating. It's a better option for a daily moisturiser than the super intensive one as it's a little lighter so a better all year round product for when the weathers not as harsh on dry/combination skin. For now I'm still using the super intensive as I need that additional boost, however when the weather heats up (which will be never here in Yorkshire) this will most likely be my go to for a slightly lighter option. 

Have you tried any products from the Organic Surge range? Let me know your views in a comment below, any products you recommend from the range?


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