Monday, 8 July 2013

June Beauty Favourites

Well hello there everyone. It feels like forever since I have blogged. I'm putting it down mostly due to technical difficulties, my sister hogging the laptop and myself been too lazy sunbathing. Well we do need to make the most of the weather. Considering Saturday I was out sunbathing until I was squashed up into the corner clinging on to the last rays of sun for dear life I feel I did just that. This post is quite clearly rather late however here are my favourite beauty products from June.  

 Lush Daddy-O Shampoo
I am always looking to try new purple shampoos as I can't stand any hint of yellow in my blonde hair. I saw this product quite a while ago but never got around to trying it. The shampoo wasn't fantastic for brightening blonde hair and we all know I favour Lee Stafford bleach blondes for the pinky tint it gives my hair. However this shampoo simply smelt amazing. With all lush products whenever I used this shampoo I would find myself sat sniffing my hair throughout the day. As weird as I might seem to any on lookers this shampoo made my hair smell like palmer violets. Delicious. 

 Barry M Nail varnish - Blue Moon
I've been a fan of Barry M nail varnishes for years and often find I can't take a trip to Boots or Superdrug without throwing one in the basket. I absolutely love this colour and feel the pale blue is very on trend. 

Lush - Sea Spray Hair Mist
I often find when I've just washed and blow dried by hair it becomes some what fine and fly away. If I'm heading out I will often add some dry shampoo to tame it and add a little volume. However I recently discovered the Sea Spray from lush and this works magic. The best way I can sum this product up is by saying it makes your hair "beachy" kinda a little wavy but it helps maintain your hair style. I also makes hair a lot more manageable. 

Dior Addict - Eau de parfum
This has been a long time favourite perfume for me and I usually try reserve it for special occasions although its one of those perfume what will instantly make you feel good. As you can tell in the photo the bottle is now empty. I read recently a nice quote that said "If you cant afford a channel handbag wear channel perfume" the quote did make perfect sense and wearing such a luxurious perfume does make me feel just as good. 

Enjoy the rest of the sun everyone
back to Pims o'clock for me ciao.


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