Sunday, 14 July 2013

Time you enjoy wasting is not wasted time

I just wanted to write a quick little post as I feel I've neglected my blog a little recently. I think I've now hit the stage were I've realised my blog is read by family, friends, work colleagues etc and it makes me hold back writing what I want to actually say. I always wanted this blog to be a diary and I enjoy rambling on, lets face it we don't like real life moaners, but online it seems more acceptable. The last few weeks have been a little whirlwindy (is that a word, no?, sounds good so I'm keeping it, sorry red squiggly line) and it's been one of those weeks were everyone has had advise to give, something that needs to be discussed or plans that need to be made. Plus I've had a 7 day working week. Don't feel too bad for me I always find the time to par-tay, aka been sent home early for been a sozzled. (That's right sozzled,  I'm bringing this word back)

The next few days however I just want to focus on having a few quiet days. I've a lot planned from next weekend until the end of August, I therefore want the next few days to relax. I'm therefore focusing again on the little things that make me happy. So I'v made my second little things that make me happy list.

Starting running again. I never thought I would ever get into running but I briefly began a few months ago and I felt great. Physically I noticed no difference what so ever but I did notice it gave me more energy and I started to find it relaxing.

Eating green olives. My new addiction.

Picking out pretty holiday dresses. (although narrowing down my selection is a bit of a chore)

Picking out prettier holiday shoes.


Catching up with friends.

Glasses of wine in the summer breeze. 

The two guys that held the door open for me together when leaving M&S ( I was buying olives) It's nice to see people been courteous and it was rather amusing. 

The checkout assistant who juggled my change. It takes little to amuse me at the best of times but it was amazing.

Having Douglas back from animal hospital. 

Listening to Lewis Watson 

Going on the Train.

Curling up with a magazine.

Winning eBay bids.

Cheesy chat up line. (I dare you)


Living for the moment.

The positive outlook on life summer brings.

Finally getting sun to my legs.

Feeling like a movie star every time I have my Ray-Bans on. (best purchase made this year)

Beyonce dance moves.

Dressing up.

What makes your week a little better?


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