Tuesday, 23 July 2013

Run horsey run

So Saturday afternoon myself and some friends headed of to Ripon for a day out at the races. I had never been before and had no idea what to wear, I had been informed to go all out in an evening dress fancy hat etc and then others told me jeans and a t-shirt would be fine for this race course. This caused some panic Saturday morning, having woke up with my head feeling twice the size it did Friday night (I was at a friends leaving do from work) it made the the task of picking out what to wear some what troublesome and yet again I had nothing to wear. I often think my wardrobe might belong in Narnia as I'm often faced with this problem despite the fact I own too many clothes. In the end I settled on this dress, despite been from Primark what I bought at the start of the year I actually love this dress it seems to suit so many occasions. I actually think its made quite a few appearances on here by chance. I decided to wear flat shoes as although it's normal to wear heels to a day at the races I love my shoes far too much to risk getting a heel stuck in the grass and didn't want to risk grass staining my new wedges. 

We all boarded the coaches in the city centre, with my can of G&T in hand the day began. I really enjoyed the atmosphere of the races despite spending more time in the bar it was a lovely day out, plus I always enjoy the excitement of a good old gamble. I even won a few cheeky bets.

Have you been the the races?


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