Wednesday, 10 July 2013

Great Yorkshire Show

So this week I headed of to the Great Yorkshire Show. For all of you non-Yorkshire folk the Great Yorkshire Show is an agricultural show showcasing best in show farm animal competitions, lots of yummy food and drink from the County, market stalls and plenty of fun and games. 

When we first arrived at the show there was some children's digger rides. Since my little cousin wasn't quite big enough to go on his own, I kindly stepped up to the plate. Guess who had the most fun? However I will shamefully hold my hands up when I say he drove it better than me. 
 Next I came across the sheep shearing competitions. I don't usually take much interest in sheep shearing, in fact I can't say I have even seen a sheep been sheared (try say that really fast 5 times) or had any desire to do so. However when I saw the "sheep shearers" (aka fit farmer boys) It held my attention a little better. 
 Next we watched the sheep. I have no idea who this women is but the sheep looks adorable. 

 We then moved onto the piggys. I thought it was adorable how curly the pigs tails are. I'm not normally one for animals the closest I get to seeing pigs is in the sweet isle at M&S so it was nice to actually see them close up. Rather cute little creatures.
 I think this fella was called Derek. However I might be making that up.

 Next was the cows!

 I even managed to sneak away with my own little moo. I named her Jersey. (Daisy would of been far too common) 

 Later in the day I came across the BBC Yorkshire tent were I got a chance to present the weather. I didn't do too well reading the script (it's pretty difficult) however I'M ON TV!! yoohoo mum...can you see me. 

 I then discovered the food hall!! It's the small things in life what put a smile on my face and sampling all the beer, gin and vodka would normally put me in a pretty merry mood however then discovering the free curry samples after made my day. 

 The best named beer I have ever come across. 
 What blog would be complete without a cupcake picture.

 The Great Yorkshire Show was a fantastic day out. It has something for everyone, Adults, Children and BIG KIDS. 

Have you been to the Great Yorkshire Show?

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