Tuesday, 2 July 2013

Bead Hive

I was recently emailed about the opening of a new bead shop (Bead Hive) in the Corn Exchange in Leeds and I couldn't wait to go and check it out.
Dragging my hungover self out of bed Saturday morning seemed blissfully worth it when I arrived and saw how beautiful the shop was.
I remember giving jewellery making a go when I was in college but the furthest I got was threading plastic beads onto elastic and tying the bracelet together and filling my arm with my creations. (Back in the emo days, remember those?) 
The shop also has beautiful hand-made jewellery on sale, so if your not as creative as *cough-cough* me you can still take something stunning home with you.

I picked out my beads for my own creation.

This was the design I was trying to copy. I did want to recreate this in black leather with yellow beads but unfortunately the yellow beads were too small.

I swapped my beads and this was my little creation. Not fantastic but I had such a fun morning and I cant wait to return. 
I also got a cup of tea! 

I really love the shop and the staff were so helpful and I must thank Kim who was an amazing help and so welcoming. I really could pass hours sitting in the shop making things and I can't wait to return.

If you fancy making your own creation Jewellery making sessions run from 11-5 on Saturdays and 11-6 on Thursdays. Allthought the staff are always able to help you. I was also surprised how in-expensive making your own jewellery costs. Earrings it tends to range from 70p-£4, bracelets £2-£6, necklaces

£2.50-£9 as an average. 

Do you fancy making your own jewellery?
Thank you Bead Hive 


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