Saturday, 19 October 2013

Brooklyn Brewery pop-up bar

I love finding new bars and the only thing that makes finding a new bar more exciting is finding secret bars. An old boarded up building might seems an un-attractive un-appealing location for a bar but this place is a hidden gem. Finding the bar by the B logo on the door this place a well kept secret. Although when the bar is open its a little easier to spot. 

The venue has been transformed (a little) with an old cash register selling beer tokens on the door and the recognisable Brooklyn Brewery logo on the wall. It might seem a bit drab to some still but I love the idea of the no-frills bar with simple wooden benches (ideal for chit chat), good beer and good music. Plus it add to the feel you have found something secretive. 

The bar operates in beer tokens at £4.50 per token or 5 for £20. There is also delicious food on sale from non other than Reds True BBQ. Beer good music and a pulled pork sandwich, It's a no-brainer.

The bar is temporary so I would advise you visit sooner rather than later. Located at 22-24 The Calls (oops secrets out now).

What's your verdict?


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