Thursday, 3 October 2013

The Body Shop - Make up masterclass

So recently I was invited down to The Body Shop for a make-up master class with expert make-up artist Lan Nguyen-Grealis. I will admit I am one of these who skips past The Body Shop when buying make-up as I tend to think of them, well, more for body products (actually just there well known body butter). However when I gave it a thought I realised in the past I'd bought quite a few make-up products from The Body Shop and was very pleased with the quality so I was rather excited to be shown all the latest products. 

Upon arrival we were treated to glasses of bubbly and some adorable cupcakes, obviously no event is complete without a good cupcake. We were then treated to hand-messages and shown the range of body butters and hand creams, all which are amazing for dry skin. I've currently been using the almond hand and nail butter for a while now and its by far my favourite hand cream (trust me I've tried a lot). However I'm sure for anyone who's just spotted on the pictures one peculiar flavour of hand cream I was dying to try it. Absinthe. Yes, you saw it correctly, absinthe hand cream, who would of thought it. I really wish I could describe the smell to you but I can't, however for all those thinking they will have boozy smelling hands, trust me it won't happen. It's actually a refreshing smell. 

We were then introduced to Lan, who was the head make-up artist for The Body Shop at London Fashion Week and is an award winning make up artist. I was rather excited when she told us she was going to teach us the classic "smoky eyes". I think I have mentioned previously my smoky eyes looks I have a black eye so I listened closely. Just like anything the more you practise the better you will become and this is true as well for learning to apply make up. The best tip she gave for creating smoky eyes was to layer products up and use different shades of colour. Lan's enthusiasm for the range of products really showed and the finished look she created also reflected The Body Shop. The model had clear natural looking skin yet with amazing eyes, none of the products used looked heavy or cakey.

After the tutorial we were all asked to try and create our own versions of the look. I think everyone was rather excited when they basically had an entire stores worth of make up products to play with, including the best selling BB cream. I was also surprisingly impressed with the eye-shadows which are a lot stronger pigmented than they look. 

Before we was sent on our way, I was kindly treated to a goody bag with some of the The Body Shop's classic products in. 

Have you tried The Body Shops make up range?


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