Thursday, 17 October 2013

Monthly Shoe Wishlist

Top left:
Nike Dual Fusion TR 
JD Sports - £60.00
I've loved the trainers meets fashion trend for a while now and the trainers I own are more edging towards fashion then they are useful. It was refreshing to come across a pair of trainers that are practical enough for running in (well making me start again) and yet look amazing. I love the mix of pastel and bright colours here and lets be honest nothing beats the comfort of trainers. Until recently I'd not worn trainers in many years and what can I say I'm hooked. Who knows these even look like they might get me doing actual exercise.

Top right:
Red or Dead, grace fleexe ii Boots
Schuh - £90
Many many years ago I bought the most adorable pair of red, Red or Dead slouchy ankle boots in college. They aren't the cheapest boots and I remember walking past Schuh everyday after college or during my lunch break gazing at them until I saved up enough money to buy them. I loved them till they were torn and tattered and in the end my mum binned them! A good few months back I bought the same pair but in a tan colour. They're the easiest things to throw on, there super comfortable and are now looking very loved. Since I own a lot of shoes as you can imagine not many get worn out and often I don't always love what I buy. Yet I know these will most likely be worn until there death and with the addition of a chunkier sole (I will need this) and fleece lining, I can't help but feel I need these before I have no soles left on my current pair. 

Bottom left:
Black double strap high leg riding boots
New Look - £39.99
When I recently attended an event at The Body Shop I couldn't help but noticing the make up artist wearing the classiest on trend pair of boots. I did spend a little too long gazing at her boots practically sure they must of been from some top end designer boutique. I was almost sure they looked like Alexander Mcqueen or Burberry. Since it wasn't appropriate to yell out "where are your shoes from" during the Q&A section at the end, I cheekily asked her at the end. I'm not sure if I was delighted or gob-smacked they was in actual fact from New Look. The pictures online don't really do the boots justice at all but I can't assure you they look classy, elegant and would be a perfect addition to any work wear wardrobe. 

Bottom right:
Ribbon trang tartan heels
Bank Fashion - £35.00
Tartan has been floating around the fashion sphere for a while now, or if you have a bit more rock chick in you then most, you will of always loved tartan and the cool punk vibe it gives. I instantly saw these and fell in love. As I'm trying to be a smarter shopper I do have a few doubts about these. They don't look out there enough for a night out, yet they look a bit too out there for day wear, so at the moment these remain sat on the self. Although they are very suited to my own personal style until I can dream up the perfect outfit to go with (smart shopping out the window) these unfortunately will remain on the WISHlist.

What are your favourites this month?


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