Monday, 7 October 2013

A comfortable winter

Ok so I mentioned that word...winter. Where has the time gone it feels like just last week it was summer. However we can't avoid the fact its getting chilly recently and pretty soon the evenings will be dark even earlier. One of the few times I actually don't mind staying in is when its cold and defiantly if its raining outside. It's one of the few times I fully appreciate home comforts so here's my little winter is coming wishlist.

Joules cable knit socks - £24.95
No cosy night in is ever complete without thick woolly socks. I love the classic look these sock have and they look oober comfortable. £24.95 is a little pricey for socks but I can imagine I would pretty much live in these for the next few months. 

Cath Kidston London umbrella - £24
If you live in England your pretty much guaranteed rain, whether this be in summer or winter. Surprisingly I actually don't own an umbrella. I don't think I've heard the words that a nice umbrella come out my mouth until I saw this. The London pattern I so cute and stylish, bring on the rain. Actually can I take that back, no rain please Mr Weather man. 

Moomin hot water bottle - £16.99
As a child I loved the Moomins. Surprising for a long while no one seemed to remember them. However the past few years I've noticed Moomin memorabilia creeping into the shops. Snuggled up with my Moomin hot water bottle I can happily dream the cold nights away whilst I take a trip back to Moomin valley. 

ASOS shearling cable knit mittens - £44 £15
There's no denying these are the cutest things I have ever seen. Warm woollen mittens must be one of every bodies favourite things.  As a general mitten buying rule they must have string. I wouldn't want to loose one now would I. These are so freaking adorable they look more like a Christmas decoration.  I don't think I need to explain my choice here, just look at them. All together now...awwwww. 

Lush snow fairy shower gel 250g - £6.85
As a rather big lushie (I checked the urban dictionary, its a word) this is a no-brainer for cold morning showers. 

Whittards hot chocolate - £5.50
Curling up in front of the fire with a good cup of tea is something but curling up in front of the fire with hot chocolate is something else. Now there's hot chocolate and then check out what I found. With flavours including, crème brule, rocky road, amaretto and lemon meringue I think its going to be a toughie deciding what flavour to pick. .  


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