Thursday, 24 October 2013

My Little Pony hair

So for quite a while hair chalks have been on the scene. I've wanted to try them for months but I'm very fussy about the colour of my hair. After seeing more and more people riding the My Little Pony bandwagon I thought it's now or never to try out the freaking awesome trend. 

The pack of 24 hair chalks cost just £6.89 and arrived in super quick time (that's 3 days)
I got a little bit excited when I came home from work to find they had arrived and went a little crazy with all the colours. For a first attempt I'm rather impressed and can't wait to start experimenting with different colour shades. The chalk is easy to apply just dip them in water and slide the colour block along your hair.

With all the colours it's a little messy at the moment and looks more urban graffiti chic then it does the luscious locks of my little pony but I'm really happy with how it turned out, just ignore the rather bad photo. 

I'll try and update you with how long the colour lasts and how long it took to wash out.

What's the verdict?

Have you tried hair chalks?


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