Tuesday, 22 October 2013

Ladyboys of Bangkok show Leeds

So last week myself and some other lucky bloggers were given the chance to watch the famous Ladyboys of Bangkok show at Millennium Square in Leeds. I see the show arrive year and despite always wanting to go this was the first time I had ever seen the show. My plus one for the evening had already seen the show previous years and warned me I was in for a treat.

Settling into our seats for the evening I was rather pleased in we had what felt like the best view in the house, however all the seats seemed to have a pretty good view and although the seats range in price I wouldn't say there was a bad seat in the house. 

The lights soon dimmed and the show was of to a spectacular star with the most flamboyant costumes and a fast tempo dance act instantly captivating the audience. After the initial wow settled I did then start playing spot the c*ck. (I said that, no taking it back now...too late). Lets be honest here, if you go to a show performed by ladyboys that is going to be on everyone's minds. However I can say they (mostly) look stunning, the mind boggles. 

The show overall is energetic, amusing, funny and in some ways touching during the performance of my way. It's also a little bit racy during the ladyboys tribute to their favourite book....any guesses what this may be? 

I was very impressed with the show overall and will defiantly be returning next year, the show is a mix of traditional Vegas style cabaret, funny sketches and tributes to both old and new pop acts such as Ninki Minaj, Girls Aloud and Tina Turner. 


P.S big thank you to the lovely Terri Lowe, for the invitation. 

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