Tuesday, 15 October 2013

Wella colour recharge - cool blonde review

When I was kindly sent the Wella Colour Recharge to review from The Vinery Hair Salon. I jumped at the chance. My hair is very light so its perfect for toning conditioners and silver shampoos and achieving a cool violet tone has been a mission of mine for a while. 

The treatment works as a conditioning treatment whilst aims to help eliminate brassy yellow tones whilst adding a rather subtle pinky/violet tone to lightened hair. 

I shampooed my hair as normal in my normal shampoo then applied the treatment like a conditioner and left it to work its magic for around 10 minuets, although I would recommend leaving it on for longer to achieve a better result. In those 10 minuets your free to go about your normal bathing business, shave your legs, apply a face mask, practice your Beyonce solo in the shower (dance moved not advisable), the 10 minuets will fly by. After the 10 minuets is up simply rinse out and dry your hair as normal.

Looking at the pictures I can defiantly see a very faint pinky/violet tone in my hair (especially if you look around my side fringe (its not a side fringe I don't know why I said that but that but of the front of my head). 

When I was first given this product to review I was super excited and then the panic set in for a while, if I get the wrong lighting etc it will be very hard to see any tones in my hair. Whilst my pictures are professional I can say I enjoyed the product my hair felt silky soft and very conditioned after and I'll let you guys judge the colour. 

I did ask my friend that evening what colour my hair looked, his instant reaction was to say pink, although he was joking (he didn't turn his head to look) I took this as a compliment to the product.

Have you tried any of the Wella colour Recharge range?


Thank you to: The Vinery Hair Salon
The Vinery
Bents House
21 Belmont Street

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