Sunday, 16 February 2014

Live Laugh Love: Home accessories

Necklace stand* - £9.95
Cotton wool jar* - (sold out)

Living at home is getting a little painful. Not that I don't enjoy the company of my parents (in small doses) plus it comes with the added bonus of my mum doing my washing (that's right I'm 22 and my mum still washes my clothes) but you do tend to find it comes with a few disadvantages. The first of these is you tend to find yourself revoking back to your younger teenage years and confining yourself to your bedroom more and more so you don't feel as sad sat watching TV with the folks dreaming about moving out. The second is that containing 22 years worth of clothes, make up and collected "junk" gets harder and messier. The final bugbear is it feels my bedroom is the only space in the house I can call my own. Also whilst I'm on the subject does anyone else live in a house where you put something down for more than an hour and you mum has "tidied it away" to what as well may be Narnia when it comes to finding things again. Y'know phone chargers, that nail polish, earrings etc. 

Luckily a couple of weeks ago I was introduced to Live Laugh Love a delightful shabby chic, vintage, home accessories store. I had a few thought when I browsed through there delightful website, the first it's time to move out so I can take full advantage of this amazing find, followed by this stuff must cost a fortune. 

However fear not little Sammie as it seemed a little fairy godmother was lurking over me. The collection of home accessories is shocking affordable and it finally meant I could add a little touch or elegance to my half childlike half waiting to fly the nest bedroom of mine. Plus I picked up a few little treats which could finally help with my organisation problem (*cough* messy).

I picked up this gorgeous shabby chic necklace stand. Gone are the days of my necklaces hanging tangled from my (overflowing) wardrobe doors. This now takes pride of place of my dressing area and adds a little touch of elegance.

The second thing I picked up was this rather cute vintage cotton wool jar. I love how it adds a little grown up touch to my room and I think it looks stunning. It's also really handy as for some reason cotton wool is something I can never find. 

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