Tuesday, 4 February 2014

Roxy Ball Room Leeds

If you want a night of cocktails, Beer Pong, Pool, Ping Pong and good music...keep on reading. If that's not your thing, you just go ahead a click the little cross at the top of this screen, go put the kettle on, make a cup of Horlicks and go feed all your 9 cats. 

Roxy Ball Room is a new bar to Leeds brining a new concept with it. It's been open a few months now and has already taken of extremely well. After my first visit before Christmas it wasn't difficult to see why this place was set to be a huge success. My first visit I was so impressed I've been dragging all my friends and work colleagues back since, all of who love the place too. So this week it was fantastic to be invited to try out the VIP section and have a guided tour. Like I could say no!

The VIP room or private hire room holds up to 60 people and costs £20.00 per hour with the option to add additional drinks packages. 

The private room would be perfect for a Birthday and the cosy sofa's, arm chair and carpeted floor reminds me of a cosy living room. Creating the perfect house party feel....without the risk of broken ornaments or police shutting the par-tay dooowwwnnn...yeah right like my party's are that cool.  Plus this get up comes with the added addition of a pool table and ping pong table (the ping pong table can close up and be hidden away for extra space). The room also comes with its own self serve bar to add to the house party feel. Although I've yet to go to a house party with chilled cocktail and shot glasses. 

The bar it's self is rather unique and unlike any other in Leeds. Walking in from the street up steel stairs lined with old theatre chairs and through the original old hotel doors it almost feels as though the place as been taken over for a down town New York hang out . Walking in to exposed graffiti covered brick walls, steel and metal cage like surrounding's it's almost like you shouldn't quite be there. With original features from the previous hotel still kept around the bar such as the unique stain glass ceiling, it's almost like the place was taken over for secret party. However with welcoming staff and a constant friendly atmosphere it's pretty hard to leave. 

P.S the pictures really don't do this place justice. It's defiantly worth a visit. 

P.P.S Sorry for the lack of posting however when I'm not up to no good, I'm genuinely hanging out here. 

Have you been to Roxy Ball Room?


Roxy Ball Room
1st Floor Trinity Square
Boar Lane

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