Friday, 28 February 2014

miamoo travel kit review

miamoo travel kit - £15.00*
splashy wash 30ml – refreshing citrus shower/body wash, fresh locks 30ml – soothing shampoo for shiny bouncy locks, baba oil 30ml – heavenly oil, great for hair, body and baby massage, huggy lotion 30ml – a non greasy daily moisturiser, spritz and wipe 30ml – a refreshing citrus spritz packed with minerals that has multi uses, cheeky cream 30ml – a natural barrier cream great for adults and babies.

Since I suffer with sensitive skin I was rather happy to be introduced to the new brand Miamoo. Miamoo is a 98.5% - 100% natural skincare range designed for both mums and baby's. Now I'm not a mum and defiantly have no plans to become one any time soon but the idea of a skincare brand that is good enough for a baby's bum sounded good enough to me.  

The brand is the creation of former Apprentice candidate Saira Khan who herself suffers with sensitive skin. After 25 years of trying miracle creams and trying what must of felt like every high street brand out there she eventually created her own.  She realised a few key finds that although plenty of people suffer with sensitive skin there seems to be a new generation suffering with sensitized skin, caused by the increased pollution and general shift in lifestyle trends. One of her main aims became to eliminate key chemicals found in huge numbers of skincare products and substitute these with key natural oils. So after reading about such a well constructed product I couldn't wait to see how well all the research actually translated into the world of beauty. Here are my little thoughts:

spashy wash
The lemon oil in the product was such a lovely invigorating scent and I've found it perfect for the hazy morning "half awake" showers. A little went a long way as the shower gel foamed up well. My skin felt soft and the fragrant scent lingered on my skin all morning. 

fresh Locks
I love my hair, it's no secret. I spent lots on haircare and I'm rather scared of changing my shampoo for even one wash.  However the natural chemical free shampoo left my hair feeling soft and I did feel a little pleased I was been kinder to my hair. I often spend loads on hair treatments and styling products but often overlook any potential chemicals used in actual shampoos. 

baba oil
I had recently been trying out a new cleansing oil on my skin to remove make-up and have been pleasantly surprised. I have always been on of these who presumed adding any kind of oil to skin will make my skin greasy and cause breakouts. I was wrong. Our skin needs oils. The lavender in this product helps sooth my skin and it's perfect to use before bed so the oil can work it's magic over night. It's also useful for more dry areas such as elbows and knees.

huggy lotion
I really never thought I'd find myself using a moisturiser called huggy lotion but I have really grown to love this. It's a easily absorbent moisturiser and light enough to use on the face. Although it's a light moisturiser I have still found my skin has felt hydrated on cold winter days. 

spritz and wipe
The spritz and wipe makes a fab make up remover or cleaner although I've found I've used this more as make up remover. It's gentle on the skin and was sensitive for use on eye make up. 

cheeky cream
This cream is a lot thicker than the huggy lotion and takes a little while to absorb into the skin. I found this works better for very patches of skin to help treat little problem areas than as a typical daily use cream. I also suffer from very dry chapped hands and this makes a cute little handbag essential. I've found this like a luxury version of sudocreme. 

Overall I would recommend the miamoo travel kit, the kit contains everything you need for a full beauty routine and makes for perfect light packing for travel. The products all have a multi-purpose use what's fantastic. 


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