Thursday, 13 February 2014

House Of Fraser Fashion Show #HouseOfFashion

I must admit as much as I love buying clothes and do enjoy keeping up to date with the latest fashions, I never thought attending a catwalk fashion show would be sometime I'd enjoy. Back in October I attended a few events for Leeds Fashion Week and was amazed how much I enjoyed the show. This week a little invite dropped into my email box for the House Of Fraser fashion show to showcase some new designers (full range here) and I couldn't wait to attend.

Arriving at the show and seeing all the chairs set out and my reserved seat made me a little excited, especially when I had a cheeky front row seat. After a very busy past few weeks it was a brilliant end to the week to see my favourite blogger ladies, have a few too many cheeky cocktails and soak up the exhilarating atmosphere of the fashion show. Plus not to mention eye up (gawp at) the rather stunning male models. 

The music started, the lights were lowered, the spot light was on and the models began strutting there stuff. The show featured collections from Lush Apparel, Lisa Jayne Dann and AKA. I particularly fell for the Lisa Jayne Dann dresses. Swooooon.

The show was very well organises and it was amazing to see so many familiar faces. I must admit my memory is a little hazy after an announcement of free Jager shots at the bar (thank god for cameras) but one thing that wasn't forgettable easy was the rather raunchy grand finale with the lingerie collection. I promise it was hotter in real life. 


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