Friday, 28 February 2014

Toning Halo hair extensions

So if you remember back in November I raved about Halo Hair extensions. Finally I had found hair extensions that were non damaging, non-permanent and easy to put in. However I had a little problem. My hair isn't really blonde, due to my love of toning shampoos it's now actually has more a lilac tint to it. Often at work I find colleagues and customers telling me how lovely and unusual my hair is and asking "how do I get it that colour?". You're probably all hoping for some amazing secret to be unleashed here but the truth is I simply use Lee Stafford's Bleach Blondes shampoo and leave it on for around 5 minuets each time I wash my hair which tones it pinky, lilacy blonde. P.S I colour my own hair done at the salon for my roots, after the 2008 dying my own hair bright yellow I stick to the professionals for that part. 

After falling in love with my Halo hair extensions I became a little dishearten when the colour wasn't a great match any more. I would occasionally put them in swish about like a little mermaid then lovingly put them back in the box with a little sigh. I then had a belated eureka moment and thought I would have a go at toning my hair exensions instead. Since the horror of 2008 I've typically stayed away from hair dye's myself. However fear not as if I could dot his any one can. 

You will need:
Hair Dye (Lorea Feria platinum power hair dye L01)
Toning shampoo (Lee Stafford's bleach blondes, purple shampoo)
Kitchen foil

Step 1
The first step is to bleach your halo hair extensions.Although the extensions are what anyone but me would call bleach blonde already toners generally stick better to bleached hair and I want to try get the extensions as light as possible. I used two boxes of hair dye and split the hair into two sections so I could work the dye in better and not miss any bis. I did find the hair is on two bands (this makes more sense when you see then) so I found after I separated the hair into two I then flipped the top layer over to apply the dye more evenly. Once the hair is dyed (simply follow the instructions on the packet) It's important to rinse the hair thoroughly to remove all the bleach and shampoo out (I used the same shampoo I'm using to tone the hair)

Step 2
The second step is to then apply the toner which comes with the hair dye. You will notice here some parts took very well and the purple streaks are already coming out which shocked me. I've since read online hair extensions take very well to toners and often quicker than your normal hair. 

Step 3
Apply your toning shampoo (at this point you could add a non-permanent hair dye such as crazy colour or directions). I simply massaged the shampoo into the hair and left the hair for 2 minuets. I actually sometimes leave it on my own hair for up to half an hour but I could see how much the toner was working after just a few minuets.

Step 4
Apply a hair mask. This is optional and won't affect the colour of your extensions, however you should treat your halo with as much care as your own hair. They will longer if your kinder too them. Then simply blow dry your extensions and your good to go. I know the pictures look such a deep lilac colour but trust me when you dry the hair of it won't look so dramatic. 

Finally style your Halo hair extensions (I'm not great and this was my first try) then since your looking your best it would be rude not to pop out for a cheeky cocktail.

Hope you found this guide useful.  


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