Sunday, 2 March 2014

This town ain't big enough ft

Dress: Dress Lily *
Cardigan: Primark (old)

So recently I discovered Dress-Lily a Korean based fashion website with quite frankly amazing prices. I'm usually a little sceptical about ordering from these websites as it's usually a bit hit and miss when it comes to what size to order.  I ordered this gorgeous dress in a size medium. As all the measurements and size guides are on the website it made ordering a lot easier instead of my usual guessing method. I will admit though for about a 3 days I was in a little huff that the dress didn't fit until I realised there was a zip on the side on day 4.

I love the colour of dress and it's the perfect length for work or as I prefer taking a cheeky day of and enjoying cocktails. The dress is actually a perfect fit (I'm typically a UK size 10) and the material is good quality and flows nicely. Considering the amazing bargains to be had on this website I'm stocking up on dresses for the summer. The postage can take a little while but isn't it fab when you forget all about it then the postman brings you some goodies? 

I also thought I'd share with you a rather cool little bar I've found recently 51% bourbon.Hidden away on Hirst Yard this is such a little gem. Selling obviously bourbon the bar is set out like a scene from a western film, with a fairy light log fire (fairy lights are clearly in all western films I tell you) cask barrel tables, brick walls and exposed wooden beans running through the roof it's such a little gem. 


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