Monday, 10 March 2014

High street hair masks review

TRESemme - Keratin smooth deep treatment mask
Firstly the first thing I notice about this product is the smell. I wouldn't call it a nice smell but it basically smells like hair salon products. Now I know that doesn't mean a lot to very many people, well actually no-one but me, however it did make me smells professional..must work. In fact I wasn't wrong. Let's be honest no hair masks every really give dramatic results, or if they do please share them with me. All I really want from a hair mask is for my hair to feel softer and look shinier. Now I'm not a scientist and don't know much about hair in detail so all I want is more shine, softer locks and less breaking. I've been surprisingly impressed with the Tresemme mask. All day I've been touching my hair as it just feels super soft. I've also notice there was no breaking during styling my hair. For £5.50 it's a real bargain. I've probably had 3 uses from the pot so far and there's still about half a pot of product left. 

Macadami - Oil extract hair mask
300ml - £0.99 - (Home bargains) 
I've tried to find a link for this online but I really can't find one at all. I picked this up in home bargains a few weeks ago although I've notice this in cheap shops such as pound land, pound world and all that jazz. Now for 99p I wasn't expecting much. I didn't notice any difference in my hair except it felt nice and conditioned. I'm not sure if this is simply as hair masks are left on for longer than a simple typical conditioner. Basically all I got from this was it made me feel like I was been nicer to my hair and didn't notice much difference. Although for 99p it's worth a try. 

Lee Stafford - Breaking hair leave in treatment
I first picked this up and thought that's surely a little expensive for such a small hair mask. Although in my hair mask haul around boots I got a little shopper happy rather than reading the actual labels. When I got this home I noticed its actually a leave in product to smooth over towel dried or dry hair. I've been using this on slightly damp hair before I blow dry. I've found if I use the product on dry hair it makes my hair feel sticky...yep sticky. Although It does seem to prevent breaking when I use the product before styling. A little of this product does go a long was so it is good value in terms of an alternative to a hair mask but I'm not really sold. If i'm using a hair product before styling I much prefer hair oils and show beauty is still my favourite. 

L'Oreal Elvive - Full restore hair mask
This is a product that has been out a while. Although L'Oreal sell some amazing hair care in there more luxurious ranges such as L'oreal expert I've never really used much of the regular L'oreal hair products. I tried the Elvive hair mask and I must admit I was very disappointed. Although I left the hair mask on for around half an hour instead of the 3 minuets as advertised. Seriously does anyone leave a hair mask on for just 3 minuets? What's the point applying one? Even leaving the hair mask on for a lot longer than required I found no change in my hair what so ever. Although the product is thicker than the TREsemme one and feels nicer to apply it didn't seem to make any difference to my hair at all. 

What are your favourite hair masks?


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