Wednesday, 26 March 2014

Nanogen thickening treatment shampoo & conditioner review

Nanogen thickening treatment for women, shampoo & conditioner*

For the last few week's I've been using the new Nanogen thickening shampoo and conditioner treatment. Everyone who reads my blog will know I'm very loyal to the Lee Staffords bleach blondes shampoo ,so it was going to take something special to break this loyalty. Although I'm far from high maintenance the amount of products I use on my hair if a little ridiculous. I seem to always opt for hair treatments and serums and somehow forget the basics of a good shampoo and conditioner.

I'm regularly asked by customers at work, friends and random people how I keep my hair the purple lilac blonde tone and if it's hard work. Honestly it's not hard work maintaining the colour, however the bleaching is very damaging. Now although I love my hair and the colour all the damage means my hair is rather fine.

When I was introduced to the Nanogen thickening range I knew this was something I wanted to try. I was a little sceptical how well the products would work as the reviews seemed too good to true. Now I wasn't expecting one wash and my hair to come out like Cheryl Cole but I was defiantly impressed. From the first use my hair defiantly felt thicker and revived. I would say it was very noticeable difference in my hair. 

The shampoo was rather gloopy and thick and I couldn't work out if it smelt like rose or peppermint (although that's probably my cold). However the shampoo lathered up well and felt luxurious even though it didn't have the best scent. The conditioner was quite thin but rinsed out of my hair without leaving any residue.

The one small problem I did have was it made my scalp a little itchy but this didn't last very long. For the excellent results I will be defiantly making a re-purchase. 

Have you tried the Nanogen range?


*Product sent for review purposes, all opinions are my own*

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