Monday, 17 March 2014

Monthly Shoe Wishlist

Top left: 
Puma St Runner (youth - size 5) 
These may have accidentally fallen into my shopping basket already. Well what can I say this week was a revelation, for someone who loves all shoes when I actually realised kids trainers go up to a size 5 and are basically half the cost I've been eyeing up rather a lot of pairs. I think only Sunday I greedily picked out 3 pairs in the shop. It was only when one pair looked silly, one were out of stock and then the shopping assistant tried fobbing me of with an ex-display pair did I leave empty handed. I've also been a little more cautious about wasting money on shoes I've been paid a whole of 2 days and bought 2 pairs already, plus when I gave it a thought I really only ever were trainers on Friday which would mean a new pair for each Friday this month, silly really. (Total hypocrite right here, P.S I've currently just been out bid on eBay for a gorgeous pair of tan Kickers and could cry).

Top right:
DM Clemency boots
Dr Martens
As below (little out of sync pictures) but after I got browsing the DM website these stunning beauties caught my eye. 

Bottom left:
DM Sadie boots
Dr Marten
I'm pretty sure I walk with my head to the ground looking at peoples shoes. Sunday walking through Leeds I suddenly stopped in my tracks let out a little gasp and grabbed my friends arm...I had witnessed heaven. Heaven for those of you who don't know is a black patent boot, with signature yellow stitching and the iconic DM tag on the back. I already have a pair of DM heels and I love them! So seeing these stylish boots styled to perfection my eyes turned green and my head hit the clouds. Shoe envy does not describe how nice these boots looked in person. elegant yet chunky I just need to think about how I would style these before making a commitment. 

Bottom right:
Nike elite (junior) 
JD Sports
I love how these trainers look in some ways understated and not to mention the bargain price. I've been to the shop twice now and twice have these been sold out. I really see these as a throw on pair of trainers, you know the kind that typically get a lot of wear out of, throw them on to the shops, throw them on for a walk, throw them on for casual Friday in the office, throw them on to buy more stop it!

What shoes are you loving this month?


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