Monday, 20 April 2015

Home made coffee body scrub with Pre Loved UK

This Saturday I was invited to a little blogger event with Pre-loved UK. Held at Ziferblat in Manchester. 

Ziferblat was quite a confusing concept to me, a place almost set out like a fancy tea room crossed with your own living room,kitchen and dining room. Where you can eat cake all day, make yourself tea in their kitchen, drink pop from the fridge, sit on the sofa and play board games and all you pay for is your time there, £3.00 an hour. Such a cool concept and one that was a little confusing to me. Although not as confusing as spending all day thinking the ice machine in the kitchen was a bread maker. All round I was amazed. 

Pre Loved UK, is a is market place (online and app coming soon), to sell your unwanted furniture, unlike auction sites there are no listing fee's so it's completely free (and more profitable) to give your goodies a 2nd home. I also found you can search by area. Handy if you wish to collect items instead of waiting for the postman. Since browsing the site I've noticed so many pieces perfect for a summer up-cycling projects. Decoupage chair anyone? 

home made body scrub

In keeping with the up-cycling DIY theme, we tried our hand at some DIY beauty projects. The first was making out own coffee body scrubs. I always have problems with buying body scrubs as there usually not "scrubby" enough, what's that word...ermm...gritty. The ones that are, are usually fairly pricey too. It never really occurred me to make my own. The coffee body scrub was super easy to make and smells amazing. Plus it was scrubby very gritty, yet with nourishing coconut oil to also sooth the skin,  perfect for getting your legs ready for summer. 

Coffee Sugar Scrub
2 scoops of coffee
1 scoop of sugar
1 glug (or if in a solid state, one scoop) of coconut oil

Add the coffee and sugar into a bowl

pour in the coconut oil and stir

(If the coconut oil is in a solid state a warm spoon with help scoop it out, plus a creaming motion (like your making a cake) will help mix the ingredients together until the coconut oil melt. 


Next we transformed old keys into necklaces. A very simple idea to create a new piece of jewellery. all you need is nail polish to paint the keys and some ribbon. You could also pick up some chain from craft shops.  

Over all a delightful way to spend my afternoon, thank you to Pre-Loved UK for the invite. 

Have you tried any DIY / Up-cycling projects?


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