Wednesday, 8 April 2015

Nanogen root boost hair thickening spray

So I've discussed with you guys on many occasions and you may have noticed previously, I love my hair products. Amongst trying to battle fine hair, finding the perfect product to boost my locks is always on my radar. So when Nanogen who previously introduced me to their thickening shampoo & conditioner (which is ah-mazing), introduced me to their newly launched root boost thickening spray (£9.95), I was pretty keen to give the product a try. 

Nanogen root boost hair thickening spray

Nanogen root boost hair thickening spray

For me many of the root boost sprays always come with the same problem, they make my hair sticky! When your after thicker fuller bouncier, Cheryl (what's her new surname?), just came shimmering out the salon hair, the last thing you want is feeling like your hair is been ripped out when you try and style it. Plus don't me started on those powdery volume dusting thinggys, which only cause a heap of product build up and well I just can't stand them. 

Luckily I was pleasantly surprised when the Nanogen thickening spray came with non of the above problems. I'm fact I rather liked it. 

After towel drying my hair and using a hair oil (I have quite a few I routinely use, but my favourite is Show Beauty hair oil), I applied a few sprays in-between the layers of my hair (no fancy sectioning just lifting sections of my hair). Then blow dried as normal. 

The product defiantly gave my hair a little extra volume and the product wasn't "noticeable" no sticky, greasy, extra product texture. Now it unfortunately didn't transform me into Chezza, but it defiantly added a little extra bounce. I'd say I personally liked this the most for not having that hair-spray feel. I'm sure most of you will of tried those thickening sprays which promise volume and feel like hair spray in disguise. 


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