Sunday, 12 April 2015

New York Day 4 | Top of the rock, New York public library, Five Guys

A little late "blogged" but here is my final day in New York. (If you missed my previous posts you can check them out here) I visited here at the end of February this year, I'm certainly already planning my next trip back, although as I've already said I've now two holidays booked for May (Corfu and Croatia) a 2nd NYC trip may have to go on hold. 

Ideally I'd love to visit again but in the Summer, as you can see in the last photo the weather wasn't the kindest. I think realistically a 2nd trip won't be possible until next year, although my aim for this year is 6 y'a never know. Is 6 holidays excessive? Maybe I'm just trying to make up for a lack of holidays last year. 

We ended our last day in New York with a typical "diner" breakfast at Juniors, just off Times Square. I ordered again the stereotypical American breakfast of pancakes and bacon (served with cinnamon apples), complimented with refill coffee. American style pancakes aren't that appealing to me, I'm much more an English breakfast gal, however the diner seemed somewhat exciting. Unfortunately dry pancakes and fatty bacon appealed to me far less, so it was a thumbs down for Juniors.  Although I did like the chance to pour maple syrup on my breakfast....can this trend come to UK soon please.

After the final pass through Times Square we headed onto the Rockafella Centre for the very popular tourist attraction "Top of the Rock". 

Top of the Rock is a sightseeing platform at the 67th, 69th and 70th floor of the Rockafella centre, which is pretty high at 260m above street level, creating amazing views of the city. I wasn't quite sure that seemed high enough when reading the travel guides before hand, however when my ears popped in the lift on the way up, I was a little more convinced it might be ok. 

Well "ok" seemed a like a little understand as the views are quite spectacular. We picked top of the rock over going up the Empire State building, for the simple can see it. Viability levels could of better and with snow still covering much of NY the view wasn't as great as it could have been, however it was still breath-taking.
After a half-hearted breakfast, lots of walking and taking in the sights from Top of the Rock it was time for a spot of lunch. After previously trying Five Guys in the UK I was keen to see how a US Five Guys would compare. To be honest it was pretty much the same, however after my previous visit I knew to order a "small" burger. As you can see that's pretty much a standard size burger (original size comes with two burger patty's). The one thing about Five Guys other than that amazing drinks machine they have, is the fries, there probably the best fries of any fast food chain. Price wise it was very affordable, in fact much more so than the UK who have seemed to have adopted the same price strategy but replaced the $ with the £. 
Walking of lunch we took in the remaining "must see sights" and hit 5th Avenue. Which meant yet another Sephora. Complaining? Never! 
Luckily strolling down the streets we came across the New York Public Library. There's something special about a city which values it's library's. In a digital age where books are becoming left on the shelves more and more, the grand building which houses many stories both on paper and quite surely in the walls itself was a beautiful sight. It's had almost Hogwarts-esk magical feel, it was a shame we didn't have too long to roam around the castle Library. 
After the final day exploring we headed back to the hotel to collect our suitcases (full of make up, bath and body work's candles and lucky charms!). We luckily passed Macy's on the way back to the hotel and had time for a quick browse.

The weather took a little turn for the worse which meant a rather anxious few hours stuck in a taxi checking the time, concerned we would be late for check in. Arriving later then expected to the airport however proved a minor problem when it turned out our flight was cancelled. We was lucky enough to catch a flight that evening and I was extra lucky to find I had an extra leg-room seat. Quite honestly that was bliss! 


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