Saturday, 22 June 2013

Cheese that tastes like fudge

I will warn you now this week is going to be a little bit different and all about food. I was recently trying to describe my blog to a friend when I had the realisation the things I seem to like to talk about most on here are shoes, cocktails and cheese. As we all know I'm a cheese fiend, so when I was invited to a cheese and wine tasting night hosted by Old Amsterdam I took little convincing and practically skipped there (or at least I would have if my new shoes wasn't blistering my feet). I would defiantly consider cheese my favourite food, I remember once going on a date when the guy announced he didn't like cheese. I then paid little attention to anything else that got said during the evening as I couldn't stop thinking how can anyone dislike cheese. There was no second date. 

The event was hosted at Sams Chop House in Leeds. When we arrived they has very kindly set the table with an array of breads, crackers, chutneys and grapes. 

Sams Chop House had kindly sent their sommelier George to the event to help us pair up appropriate wines with each cheese. All the group were very impressed with George he defiantly knew what he was talking about and the passion showed. As he was trying the cheese throughout the night he made little trips somewhere and seemed to come back with more wine appropriate to the taste of the cheese. We was all very impressed by this (of course we all was he bringing out more wine) as it showed he had good enthusiasm and hadn't just rehearsed the night.  

Old Amsterdam
The star of the night. I love eating cheese and I don't think there is a cheese I won't eat #secretfatty  . However I find it difficult to describe the taste of different cheeses. Old Amsterdam made by job pretty easy as the cheese really does have a fudge like taste. Since I come home from the event I've been excitingly trying to give the cheese to my family exclaiming it tastes like fudge like a crazy lady. I also found myself eating it for breakfast the next morning. Naughty. 

This was paired with a red Chateua Bonnet Reserve from Bordeaux and a Domaine la Croix Belle Chardonnay Vine de Pays d'Oc from Languedoc Roussillon.

The next cheese was the epoisses. Epoisses is a French word what translates as completely worth the effort and it defiantly lived up its name. This is a soft gooey cheese like camembert and the rind is washed in brandy. The cheese has a very pungent smell what surprising for its mild taste. 

Grogonzola Piccante
I think blue cheese is something people either love or hate, obviously I love the stuff. However for the non blue cheese lovers I would recommend this cheese as it has a much milder creamier taste. 

This was paired with a sweet Chateau Du Seuil from Bordeaux.

The final cheese is a hard Swedish cheese with a granulated texture. I really dislike cheese with any kind of grainy texture as to me it kind of puts me of eating the cheese when it suddenly crunches however this cheese was exceptionally moreish and had an almost parmesan taste to it. 

The wine we were served with this cheese was a Berri Estates Shiraz from Australia and a Spanish Torres Vina Esmeralda (My new favourite wine)


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