Monday, 10 June 2013

Fathers Day Cards

Ok guys and galls there isn't long now till Fathers Day, Sunday 16th June if you didn't know. If your like me card shopping is a pain in the bum and I often find myself picking the best of the worse choices in my local corner shop as I forgot to buy them. (Not just on fathers day this is usually all occasions). I have got a little better at picking out better cards since I discovered M&S have started a loyalty card system. If you saw this post, you will know I love my loyalty cards! I think I actually now have a whole £20.00 on my boots card, that's practically a gift card! Maybe I could give my dad that? Maybe not, anyway, to take the pain out of card buying I've picked out my favourite fathers day cards what are all available online and promise to be delivered on time.

Fathers Day Sunday 16th June (or £2.99

Personalised Card Next £2.99

'Best In Show' Card For Dad

'Thanks Dad' Father's Day Card


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