Thursday, 6 June 2013

How To Look Expensive

So recently I purchased a book titled "how to look expensive". After I waited a good amount of time for it to arrive (why is it the things we are most looking forward to receiving come last) today I awoke to find the little book on my doorstep. I wasn't sure what the book would be about I was just browsing Amazons fashion type books when I came across it, but the book is full of some pretty good tips and tricks to look better for less. Now I'm not expecting that I will read this and be transformed into a Hollywood looking red carper ready movie star, but a few little hints and tips are always nice. Now I'v never read a girl guides/boy scouts hand book, but this book reminds me of a beauty version of one. The book contains all kinds of little tips such as what hair brushes are best to buy, tips on the perfect hair colour to suit your budget, cult celebrity skincare secrets and what should be in your make up bag.

It's a pretty cute little book.

Have you got any beauty tips or tricks?


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