Monday, 17 June 2013

Monthly Shoe Wishlist

Since I went a little overboard last month and bought a total of 11 pairs of shoes I am keeping this wishlist small. Although 3 pairs of shoes is probably still quite a lot to buy in one month. For me it will be a hard promise to keep. Therefore with this wishlist I'm going for quality over quantity. 

So these heels are quite expensive but I feel this can be justified as there Dr Marten. It's the most hard wearing shoe brand out there in my eyes and known for quality. I really can't believe it took me this long to discover they make heels! I've been lusting over this pair for weeks now and after the trauma of a taxi driver stealing my favourite pair of shoes Friday, I kind of already ordered them. Bizarrely enough as I was typing this the post man arrived with them. There gorgeous! The post man did seem a little confused when my mum was yelling if there shoes don't give her them. 

New Balance Trainers
I really am wishing for this item as I have been searching for a few months now for a pair of New Balance trainers in my size. I'm a size 5 by the way. It seems there like gold dust at the moment and sold out everywhere. A pair of nice trainers isn't something I currently own and my shoe collection is crying out for them. I think I might settle for a pair of classic Nike Cortez instead although there also proving a little hard to track down in my size.

Vivienne Westwood Melissa
I've been wanting a pair of Melissa shoes for years and there are currently some amazing styles out at the moment. It's been really hard to pick out my favourite pair but I love the chain ankle bracelet straps on these shoes. I've also been eyeing up the little booties as there currently in the sale and I can see them been pretty practical if we get snow again this year. I'm still not sure I could justify the price tag of these so I might have to wait for a sale.


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