Sunday, 30 June 2013

Weekend Catch up

Howdy Guys and Gals. This weekend was a little bit of a manic one and I thought I'd give you all a little run down. I've finally got a working phone after loosing it last week. I bought an iphone 3gs for £95 from Amazon what I thought was a pretty good deal. After always having had the Samsung galaxy's I'm now an iphone convert. Friday and Saturday have both been girls nights out. (I'm starting to have a lot of those again recently). Friday night we all headed of to Tiger Tiger and Saturday we headed to the Cockpit, I hadn't been in such a long time and the night didn't disappoint. For all of you non Leeds readers the cockpit is more of an alternative music night out and it's my favourite place. This weekend I managed not to loose anything however I did home home a little beer soaked from events at the cockpit. I must also congratulate my best friend who has now bought her own house and the news of a close friend (I won't name who yet) who is expecting a baby. Feels like everyone's growing up. When I buy a pair of shoes for comfort and not for fashion that will be the day I deem myself an oldie. Saturday morning I also stopped by Bead Hive in the corn exchange and made myself a bracelet (post to come). 

Finally who else had been watching the glasto highlights with envy. I must say I was pretty disappointed with the Arctic Monkeys. I saw them play Leeds Festival a few years back and thought they played a bad set list then so I wasn't expecting much but I thought there opening was very poor. 

I must also let you all know about my good deed of the weekend: I rescued a pair of Jeffrey Campbell shoes from T K Maxx. (Or at least that was my excuse for buying them)

I'm sure you have also noticed the outfit of the day type pic. I did say I was going to start doing more of these but for now its just a pic from the weekend. I think judging by my eyes before I even left the house I should put the wine down. 

How was your weekend?

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