Tuesday, 25 June 2013

Red Hot Buffet Chefs Table

So last week I was invited down to Red Hot Buffet for the chefs table event. The event was to showcase the type of delicious food served at the restaurant. If you haven't been to Red Hot Buffet I would recommend it. Often when deciding on a place to eat with friends or for a work night out it can be difficult. However Red Hot Buffet has food from around the world to suit the fussiest of eaters. You're rather spoilt for choice. 
First we was all greeted with Red Hot Buffets signature cocktail. Peach Schnapps, freshly chopped plums, a dash of peach syrup and grenadine delicately blended over ice. Delicious. 
The first course was sushi. I was pleasantly surprised by the presentation. Often with a buffet I'm too quick to start piling a bit of everything onto my plate and so to be honest my plates of food look a little bizarre. 
The 2nd course was a Potato Tikki what was based on Indian street food, with a side salad served in a cone shaped poppadom. (Very simple yet I thought it was rather creative). We was given an array of chutneys and sauces to accompany the dish as we pleased.  This was a very flavoursome dish and a group favourite. 
The 3rd course was a seafood risotto. Unfortunately I don't eat seafood (about one of the only things I don't eat) so I just picked at the rice. I wish I liked seafood as the dish again looked delicious.
We finally arrived at the main course. Chicken Tappanyaki noodles.
After the main course came the "pallet cleanser" of fresh raspberry sorbet. Served in a chilled glass.

A quick glass of bubbly before desert.
Desert was pancakes, mine were peach. We was all served a different topping what caused a little fuss, I was secretly eyeing up Emma's who has black forest gateau ones with black cherrys and cream.

The pancakes were served with a shot of Midori, a jelly shot and some very cute macaroons.
Finally a selection of petits fours. Creme brule, chocolate brownie and passion fruit cheesecake



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