Sunday, 16 June 2013

My Cocktail Mojito Review

So this weekend has been  a rather stressful one for myself. Considering Friday night I lost my phone,  camera , driving licence, door key (don't worry my filofax is fine I know you was concerned) and then a taxi driver stole my best pair of shoes (another tale for another time.) This weekend defiantly wasn't my best weekend. So when a collection card arrived through the door my mother got exciting thinking her new blinds had arrived. When my father brought back a swishing box back full of Mojito to my mothers disappointment,  I was rather pleased.

The Mojito cocktail and Margarita cocktails courtesy of the Manchester Drinks Company was a very welcomed addition to Sunday afternoons BBQ, although the cocktails would be ideal to take to a festival (I say that with gritted at teeth as all my friends are currently at Download festival, I am not). The larger bags of cocktails are available in cosmopolitan, mojito and woo-woo are available from Asda at £13.99 and serve 14 people. The best thing about the cocktails is the packaging is also designed to keep the drinks chilled so it a nice thought for campers. 

The Mojito Cocktail was lovely and refreshing and tasted just as good if not better then some professionally made cocktails. I'm sure you all need little convincing to believe me when I say I've drank many cocktails in my time. Despite not containing mint leaves and lime wedges all the delicious flavours of a mojito were still there and everyone at the BBQ loved it. 

Powering through with my cocktail tasting. Here at Little Blonde Life I take this duty seriously, I next tried the margarita cocktail frozen. It took some squeezing out the pack and in the end I cut the top of (I think this is actually what I was suppose to do). This again was amazing and I would defiantly recommend it frozen. Again all the delicious flavours were there and the drink was incredibly refreshing.

Have you tried the My Cocktail range?


Please note I will not be held responsible for any hangovers. 
Always drink responsibility 

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