Sunday, 1 September 2013

Breakfast at Cafe Rouge

Breakfast Cafe Rouge

Breakfast Cafe Rouge

So last week I headed of to Cafe Rouge for breakfast with one of my best friends. On a daily basis I normally always skip breakfast, tut tut I know, however it is surprisingly one of my favourite meals. I adore eating out for breakfast so it was a real treat to have breakfast out as normally its hard amongst work commitments.

Pain Perdu - £5.25
French toast topped with strawberry's, blueberry's and banana with bonne maman honey to drizzle.

Oeufs Royale - £5.95
Free-range poached eggs on toasted muffins, smoked salmon and hollandaise sauce. 

I surprisingly have never been to cafe rouge before as I try and avoid chain restaurants however I was very impressed. The restaurant has a very cosy traditional French feel to it and I couldn't give enough praise to the staff who were exceptional. I'm not sure if it's because I'm a bit of a fuss pot but it seems harder to come across waiter and waitresses who actually seem to give good service. 

The breakfast menu all looked delicious and It was very hard to pick what I wanted, however I opted for Oeufs Royal and I wasn't disappointed. My only criticism would be the hollandaise sauce was a little cold. Normally I wouldn't think twice about complaining however the staff were so friendly and polite I didn't want to give them a hard time. I have also since returned for lunch purely based on the good service and It was delicious. 

Overall I would recommend Cafe Rouge for a affordable breakfast with a good atmosphere. In addition you can also receive 20% of the total food bill with a social-light card.

Have you been to Cafe Rouge?
What's your favourite place for breakfast?



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