Friday, 3 January 2014

Night in

So this post may seem a little out the ordinary for the usual readers as you all obviously know I love my nights out. However I've maybe been keeping a little secret that I also love a good night in as well. A glass of gin, a sneaky takeaway, a fluffly dressing down, a good movie, it's bliss. So when offered me a perfect night in, well, I didn't have to think twice about taking it. Maybe all the Christmas bucks fizz went to my head but a night in is exactly what I need right now. Plus the fact New Year was only a few days alway...I need a little time to chilax.

For me the perfect night in is simple:

Amazing yummy food* - What requires no cooking. Now I know you're all thinking...A Takeaway...In January.. But serious, all the hard work of Christmas? surely the diet can wait. Plus if these mouth watering pictures aren't doing the trick, as I know they are me, my gosh I'm hungry looking at that delicious Indian takeaway, then why not get some friends around instead of a night out and save a few January pennies.  (disclaimer - I didn't eat all that myself, I promise I shared) 

A good movie - Firstly.. does movie sound American, should I say film? Any how, Christmas day I recorded Toy Story 3, I have since watched it around 6 times and 6 times I have cried at the end when Andy gives his toys away. I will now admit Toy Story 3 is a favourite film. Is it just me who get's annoyed how this film came out too late so the younger generation it is now aimed at doesn't understand all the original Toy Story references in the film? Although I am thankful it gives me an excuse to watch "kids" films guilt free.

Painting my nails - I'm kind of a little addictive to painting my nails. I've been loving my current nails which is a Barry M glitter over a matt black Barry M nail varnish. 

Cuddles with Douglas - I know it's been a while since I featured my adorable little dog Douglas, but he is still about to dish out cuddles. Although he has spent the past 10 minuets chewing my hair as I've been trying to teach him new tricks. Paw, high 5 and kisses is all he can manage at the moment. 

What's your prefect night in?


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