Sunday, 26 January 2014

Show us your shoes

So you all know I love my shoes. I would much rather spend money on shoes then clothes or make-up. I've been meaning to create this post for a while and since Sunday I had nothing to do. Here is my shoe collection. I think I counted 64 pairs here which I suppose could be considered a little excessive especially knowing there was a few I didn't photograph as they were rather dirty, there are numerous more pairs around the house and also the fact I had a shoe clear out not long ago. On a personal note this will be an excellent reference to what I actually own. It does feel shameful admitting I was opening up shoe boxes with no idea what was inside and there's a lot here I've yet to wear or have only worn once.

Nike at Schuh, Converse (very dirty), Vans deck shoes

Dr Marten heels, blowfish sandals, convere style pumps primark, office sandals

Babycham wedges, Topshop wooden heel heels, Office flat forms

Topshop kitten heels, Office gold heels, Miss-guided blue wedges, Topshop Wooden heel wedges

Office loafers, Topshop heels, H&M boots, New Look heels.
Primark leopard boots, Uggs, New Look wedges, Topshop heels.

New Look lace up heels, New Look bow heels, Primark trainer wedges, Topshop heeled boots

New Look chain heels, Primark pink heels, New Look brown small heels, Uggs

Primark black heels, Primark cut out boots, River Island cut out boots, Primark low heels,

Vans, Primark flats, Gandys flip-flips, Primark ballet pumps
Office ballet pumps, Primark Sandals pink, Primark Sandals green, Office birkenstock style. 
Primark green sandals, French connection brown sandals, Office anchor pumps, Toms

Carvela bow heels, Timeless at Barratts heels, Office mustard heels

Irregular choice leopard heels, Timeless pink wedges, Office flat forms

Jeffrey Campbell claw Lita's in green & black
Jeffrey Campbell studded heels, Red or Dead brown slouch boots, Underground creepers
Jeffrey Campbell Lita's red, Jeffrey Campbell ankle boots, Jeffrey Campbell skull Lita's


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