Thursday, 9 January 2014

Loafun: customised shoes

So today I'm introducing you to Loafun, custom designed hand painted shoes. When these guys got in touch and introduced me to their website where I could design my own shoes, I was super excited. 

The choice of design with Loafun is endless. you can upload pictures and graphics (although you must consider the shoes are hand painted so no photographs) or select from the themes available. 

I picked a carousel horse in keeping with the theme Little Blonde Life. The team of designers were supportive on offering advise and assistance and once the designs were finalised I eagerly awaited the arrival of my very own hand painted shoesies. 

Firstly the shoes felt a little stiff where they had been painted on although the converse style design makes them comfortable to wear, they felt a little crisp. 

You could tell the shoes had defiantly been hand painted. This can't of been an easy job and would require much more artistic flare and skill then I could ever possess. There was some paint what had smudged onto the side sole of the shoe what was disappointing.

Overall Loafun is a brilliant idea and would make a fantastic present, especially children and I can't fault that these guys have been amazing to work with. I feel maybe a little bit more attention to detail should have been paid to the minor aspect of paint on the white sole of the shoe.

Have you visited Loafun?

What's your verdict?


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