Tuesday, 21 January 2014

Valentine's dates

So if you're a lucky little cow (can you sense the bitterness already?) then there's a good chance that come the 14th February you or your other half will of put plenty of time and effort into creating the perfect date. Now I can't speak from past experience as typically my dates don't end well, although to be fair it's hard to treat a gal when she see's you and run's away (hint bind dates aren't always fun), but fear not, whether you want to grab your guy or your best friend I've come up with the perfect valentine's date ideas.

Ox Pasture Hotel - North Yorkshire

Ok so I may be cynical about Valentines day but you can't deny the Ox pasture hotel looks dreamy. Set in the stunning North Yorkshire moors, the hotel looks traditional and romantic. If four poster beds and stunning views seems a little over the top then why not opt for a simple elegant afternoon tea and a stroll around the stunning gardens. 

4D cosmic golf - Xscape

So as far as dates go I don't know any one who has ever actually been to mini golf. However if I've learnt anything from music video's it's that mini golf actually looks rather cute (providing no one falls in a lake or gets hit with a golf ball). After a quick old Google I came across this rather cool looking 4D mini golf at xscape (with no lakes). If you're not looking for something so full on this looks ideal for a quirky first date. 

Make a den

When I was little I was a dab hand at making dens. Pushing my Nana's sofa and chair a little closer together then covering the small gap between them both with a tea-towel and I was done. I could then crawl behind the back of the sofa all day in my own little dream world. As I got older I progressed my skills with the use of dining chairs, bed sheets and pegs. Valentine's day seems the perfect opportunity to recreate this. Open up your creative hidden world to invite in your nearest and dearest. 

What's your ideal date?


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