Sunday, 15 September 2013

Monthly shoe wishlist

I've been itching to write this post for so long now, after I missed an August monthly shoe wishlist. After Leeds festival the pennies were limited and there was no point teasing myself. With autumn/winter on the way this shoe list is aimed at been practical and comfortable. 

Top left:
Nike blazer mid trainers - £70.00 Schuh
I've developed a massive trainer crush the past few months and it's seemed impossible to find pairs I like in my size. Although Nike Blazers are rather common now, I can't deny I love them. They looks stylish yet conformable and since I've not worn in trainers in years, these are going to the top of my wishlist. 

Top Right
White low top converse - £45.00 JDSports
Amongst my somewhat large shoe collection, my oldest and most worn pair of shoes will always be my Converse. Although my white converse are now black and looking very tattered I still don't have the heart to ever throw them away, or stop wearing them. I've been wearing Converse since my high school days and they will always remain somewhat timeless and classic. The price of converse seems to of gone up a lot since I remember buying my first pair but at least I can safely say these will be worn and will not remain unloved in the box. 

Bottom left:
Dr Martens - £100 Topshop
I was somewhat grudged when I stumbled upon Dr Martens online at Topshop. Dr Martens for me will always have an icon feel associated with the grunge/rock scene and for me they do not belong in Topshop. Either way it doesn't stop me wanting a pair. Although I will disclaim I've wanted a pair for a long time before Topshop jumped on the bandwagon. In fact one of my first pair of shoes was Dr Martens (according to my mum they was the only shoes I didn't wear out within a few days). Now autumn/winter is coming it feels a more appropriate time to invest in a pair again. 

Bottom Right:
Jeffrey Campbell 99 tie suede boots. 
I need to add a little luxury to the wishlist and you all know I like my Jeffrey Campbell's.These boots seem very practical in comparison to my other JC's and I can imagine wearing these to work daily. Although there proving very hard to track down a pair at the moment with them been from a previous JC collection. 


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