Monday, 16 September 2013

Sew Lomax camera case

Been a blogger it means I carry my camera around nearly everywhere with me. Often been in the bottom of my bag I often find it can get dusty and bits of fluff and god knows what else that lurks in the corner of my handbag can damage the camera and ruin the image quality. I'm not saying I own an expensive camera by all means but it's still nice to take care good care of it. Surprisingly for ages a camera case was not something I owned, I could never really find one I liked. A few weeks ago I was gifted with this gorgeous camera case from Sew Lomax.

All the stitching on all Sew lomax products are embroidered by hand and the canvas that is used to make the products is all ethically sourced. Considering the work that goes into one piece the prices are extremely reasonable and I can assure you the finished product is amazing quality. All the pieces look fantastic and they would make the perfect little gifts for birthdays or Christmas. I love finding new independent brands and I love the quirky little designs. I've all ready been eyeing up the make-up bags and think I might just treat myself. 


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