Friday, 20 September 2013

Daily Basic Makeup

First thing to clear up here: please ignore the bad hair, tangled necklace and 2006 style Myspace style selfie. 

Now that's cleared up. I thought I'd share with you my typical everyday make-up routine. well actually, every other day make-up routine as I almost never wear make-up to work so this is usually more typical evening out and about make-up. As much as I love beauty products as much as the next girl I'm from and expert. I'm one of these that loves watching Youtube tutorials on "the perfect smoky eyes tutorial"  yet my version of smoky eyes looks more like I've been punched in the face. So I just tend to stick to my tried and tested fav easy to use products. 

Urban Decay Brow Box £17.00 
I've had this product for years (probably best not admit that) It's a rather good job this has not yet run out as I use it all the time. Although I've now lost the little application brush it originally came with I still love the shade of colour and find the product lasts all night. Lets be honest no one wants to spend ages perfecting the perfect brows to find one of them has worn of during the night #awkward #scousebrow 

Oriflame Very Me Extended Lash Mascara £5.45*
A rather new addition to my make up bag. I often avoid mascara as I'm one of these who then spends the day picking it of (along with pulling out half my eyelashes). Yet when I started using this product I forgot how much a simple few flicks of mascara can really enhance the eyes. This product also gives me long fluttering lashes and the brush picks up even the teeny tiny lashes in the corners. It's also none clumpy. Yay. 

Soap and Glory Smoulder Khol Eyeliner £5.00
I did accidentally pick this up in brown not black. I think I got a little shopper happy when Soap and Glory was on 342 at Boots. However I find a brown eye-liner gives a more sublet look than black and I'm starting to prefer it. The best thing about this eye-liner is it as little sharper hidden in the lid.

Lush Charisma Skin Tint £12.00*
I picked this up at a Lush event some months back and It's got to be the favourite thing in my make up bag. I use this as a simple bronzer. It blends easy and give a more natural glow than powder bronzer's. Of course been from lush all the products are made from natural ingredients so its a little kinder on the skin too. The jar looks small for the price but I can assure you a little goes a very long way and this will last a long time. If you make one addition to your make-up bag then please try this.

Benefit Pore-fessional £24.50*
I think in a previous post I describes this stuff as facial pollyfilla. It sounds a little random but there's no better way to describe it. It smooths out all the little bumps and lumps especially those caused by black-heads and its my go to primer. 

Soap and Glory - Show Good Face Foundation £11.00
I've been using soap and glory for a long time. The foundation provides a good coverage without looking cakey and the shade (fairest of them all) matches my skin tone. It's also a good price for a daily foundation as I find it hard to justify the £30+ foundations when it's typically the most used make up product. 

Blistex Lip Brilliance £2.61*
This product is great for leaving in hand-bags for on the go make up application. If your like me and want to add a simple pop of colour this is a great product. I find lip glosses sticky and lip sticks require too careful application so this is great, its more like a lip-balm then a lip-stick but the colour looks fantastic and lips feel moisturised. 

What's you're daily make up routine?


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