Monday, 30 September 2013

How to cope with busy weeks

So last week was a rather busy week, Monday night saw me stepping back in time to see freaking S CLUB 7! Tuesday a fitness class, Wednesday and Thursday blogger events and maybe drinks plus revising for a job interview I had Friday (I didn't get it but hey ho), plus working Friday night, Saturday day, making time to see friends Saturday night then a family friends party Sunday. And breath! It's a little understatement to say I'm feeling exhausted. 

I always try and keep my weeks busy and always love having something to look forward to. People at work laugh when their Outlook calendars have the occasional team meeting booked and yet mine is colour coded with all kinds of of events and dates arranged with friends. Yet sometimes it's nice to do nothing. Although when I say doing nothing I'm probably working on my blog, having time to pamper myself hid away in my bedroom or still trying to keep busy. 

You all know by now I love been sociable yet it does take it toll. So here's my top tips for keeping on top of a busy week:

  1. Be prepared: If your going from one event for another take time to plan your outfits, adding statement necklaces or a change of shoes can prevent full outfit changes.
  2. Plan your meals, avoid energy drinks you will only crash later, instead try make time to eat a proper meal even if breakfast is a yoghurt or some fruit at your desk it is much healthier then a red bull. 
  3. Remember leaving events or usually the pub early you first may feel like your missing out, but remember your leaving so your social life can continue the next day. Your not missing out at all. 
  4. Keep your phone charger on you, phones now are lifesavers and they do keep our lives in order, there's usually always chance in the day to charge your phone, on the train or sneakily at work. 
  5. If you find it difficult to sleep, keep a notebook at the side of your bed to write thoughts and plans down. It helps you sleep easier if your like me and lie awake panicking.

P.S about S Club 7 - There was only 3 of them, felt a little insulted, Bradley and Paul was swigging pints with massive beer belly's and I don't ever remember Jo telling me to "get the f**k up" back in the day. Yet after fulfilling one child hood dream all that's left to do now is bite the bullet and buy some Disney on ice tickets! 

How was your week?

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