Wednesday, 18 September 2013

Leeds Blogger Meet

So a few weeks ago the lovely Hayley from Tea Party Beauty organised what was a rather spectacular meet up held at Patisserie Valerie. Of course been on a Saturday morning, I arrived in the way I only know how, Late and hungover. Luckily everyone already knows what I'm like by now. Plus my hangover was nothing a good slice of cake couldn't solve. As I bagged the last spot at the meet up I missed out on my slice of cake however I shared Heathers carrot cake with her. The cakes are pretty big and filling so I still got my tasty share of the good stuff. Unfortunately I missed the PR talks on the latest beauty products however my disappointment soon went away when we was all treated to a massive bag of goodies. After the meet we all did what bloggers do best and went shopping! I think everyone pretty much headed over to the new Victoria Secret store. I will say I was pretty disappointed by the store. All in all it was a very good day and I can't thank Hayley enough for organising this for everybody.


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