Tuesday, 3 September 2013

August Beauty Favourites

It's no secret to anyone I love my blonde hair. However been blonde comes with a price. I'm often paranoid my hair looks yellow and all the bleaching (shhh don't tell anyone but it's not my natural colour) often leaves my hair dry and damaged. Therefore I'm forever searching for the perfect blonde hair routine and forever trying new products. Therefore this month my beauty favourites has come to you courtesy of my blonde hair. 

RRP £14.79 200ml
Firstly this product really does have the texture of whipped cream and smells a little like banoffee pie,I wasn't sure weather I should put this on my hair or cheekily squirt some in my mouth when no one was looking. The product can be used on dry or damp hair and acts like a leave in conditioner. The mouse is designed to maintain colour and leave hair feeling soft. I was expecting the rigid 90's hair quality of typical hair mouse but it actually left my hair feeling silky and smelling delicious. 

RRP £20.00 50ml
This product is aimed at fighting frizz and also maintaining hair colour and preventing colour fading. This product is a little pricey but its a brand I trust and a brand that is known for quality. Spending £20 on make up most of us don't think twice about if its for good quality yet when it comes to hair care we seem to think more about the purse strings, so using this injects a little luxury into the daily hair care routine. The product itself smells incredible and leaves my hair glossy.

RRP £10.95 300ml
In comparison to other silver shampoos the Matrix so silver is rather strong and brightens up hair pretty quickly. However be warned it can give a blue tint to hair in places, although that's one of the features I love. That said its probably because I try and leave silver shampoo on my hair for as long possible when I'm in the shower. All in all it is one of the best silver shampoos I've tried. I do still favour Lee Stafford's bleach blondes shampoo immensely but that tends to give hair a lilac tint (what I love) but sometimes I want my hair more white/blonde than pinky/lilac.

RRP £1.66 100ml
For a bargain price of £1.66 this is a product I have been buying for years. It's a leave in shimmer, shine and repair spray for dry and damaged hair. It's basically a shine spray. There was a time when I loved Bedhead shine spray and it was pretty much a cult product however after I discovered this for a fraction of the price I was hooked. This never fails to leave my hair glossy and it makes my hair smell like I've just left the salon. Again at £1.66 you need this!

What are your favourite hair products?


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