Sunday, 22 September 2013

All that's missing is the sea

Top - boohoo
Shorts - Topshop
Shoes - Topshop
Necklace - eBay

So this weekend I was a lucky little thing when I won a free cocktail making class for me and 2 friends. I'm sure it's a shock to no one that this was right up my street. Having previously worked in bars and done a fair amount of cocktail making I dived straight in and shook up some rather tasty concoctions. I even got offered a job! I have no idea what I put in my cocktails as me been let loose behind a bar to make my own drinks I was more excited then a child on Christmas (or all of the male population when GTAV came out). I think my first cocktail was Malibu, amaretto, strawberry and orange liqueur and pineapple juice, it was delicious and my own biased opinion tells me it was better than most cocktails I've tried. After this my memory is a little hazy but It's pretty likely I made something with gin or tequila (can anyone ever say tequila without going tequuuilllaa).

My outfit choice for the night was my new fav pair of tailored shorts from topshop. I was a little unsure when I ordered these but I think this is new fav outfit. I feel it kind of has a retro look to it along side the high necked cropped top. I have also got a new S necklace what's like an adorable little Scrabble letter. 

P.S I would recommend trying a cocktail making class, so much fun!

Hope you all had a weekend.


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