Sunday, 3 November 2013

Miracle hair product - Show Beauty treatment oil review

Show Beauty - Treatment Oil 60ml - £50 

So last week myself and some other bloggers were all invited down to Harvey Nichols in Leeds for one of their beauty events. The events are a chance to be introduced to new products and also there's chances to have manicures and make-overs. 

One of the brand we were all introduced to was Show Beauty. The brand is newly launched and is one of the first hair care products in the higher end of the hair care market. For years we've seen many high end beauty products and yet hair care seems to be over looked. 

The product is created by socialite Tamara Ecclestone who wanted to created a product that made hair smell, feel and look amazing as well as been a luxury indulgent product for hair. 

I must admit when we was all been given the overview on the product my first thought was, that the product was going to be more of a gimmick designed by yet another "celebrity" who thinks they can put their hand to anything. Yet after trying the product I couldn't be more wrong.

The products packaging is stunning with a quilted design on the glass jar and gold lid, the product wouldn't look out of place on show on your dressing table and rivals some of the most elegant of perfume bottles. 

When it came to testing the product, the oil can be used or dry or wet hair. Since I arrived to event having been caught in the rain my hair was rather frizzy to say the least and I wasn't feeling too great been at an up-market event. When the stylist applied the product onto my hair I heard all my blogging pals crowed round and gasp. Feeling a little confused I got up and headed over to the mirror and was shocked at how my hair had been instantly transformed and looked smooth and glossy. It almost looked like I had just undergone a full blow dry. Although I wasn't planning on making any purchases that event, let alone a £50 hair product (I will admit the price tag is hefty, however hair care is one of the few things I don't mind splashing out on) I was instantly sold. 

I've been using the product for a few days now and my hair has never felt so soft. I apply a small amount (about a 10p size blob) onto my hair before I dry it and then a little more after my hair is dry. 

Since my hair is blonde/white It's rather prone to breaking and is very dry and damaged. Since using this product my hair has stopped breaking and feels much healthier. It's also looks instantly smooth and glossy after drying I've even stopped straightening it. I will admit I was one of these who used straighteners to smooth out frizz. 

Overall I can't recommend this product enough I've spend a lot of time the last few days stroking my hair (and probably looking crazy) as it's never felt so soft and healthy. It also makes my hair feel thicker and has stopped my hair breaking. I've seen a few negative reviews of this product what shocked me. Although the product is far from cheap and I'm well aware there are many hair treatments at a fraction of the cost I still couldn't recommend this product enough. I can also confirm it smells amazing. I'm even now panicking that when my bottle runs out I won't be able to re-purchase as I'm sure this product will be a sell out. 

This product does exactly what it was designed to do, my hair feels, looks and smells the best it's ever done and I'm sure we can all admit it's always nice to splash out on something a little more luxurious. 

Have you tried any of the Show Beauty range?


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