Tuesday, 5 November 2013

Shu Uemura make over - Harvey Nichols Leeds

Photo credits : Yuna - Tech Bunny

So last week myself and some other bloggers were all invited down to Harvey Nichols Leeds for one of their beauty events. The events offer a chance to see new products launched and learn more about the different brands. Not to mention free make overs, manicures and a whole host of other exciting treats plus free champagne. The tickets for the event cost £10 what was redeemable against purchases so I'm keeping my eyes open for the next one. 

The day of the event It's an understatement to say I arrived looking worse for wear. Having arrived caught in the rain with frizzy hair, make up less and not looking my best by all means. (a long story) I really was feeling a bit down and out of place. Luckily after Show Beauty spruced up my locks and Shu Uemura transformed my face, I left feeling and looking amazing.

I'm sure its not just me who feels a bit daunted by make up counters. Often I feel to approach the counters or ask for advise I need to be wearing full perfectly applied make up to be taken seriously (I'm looking especially at you Mac, Debenhams, White rose centre, Leeds). I know a lot of people have mixed reviews of make up counters and I'm no different. Luckily the make up artist at Shu Uemura was lovely, she put me at ease made me feel relaxed and made the who experience very enjoyable. Not to mention she did an amazing job. 

This is the part where I should really tell you about the products used however I was far too relaxed sipping my glass of champagne enjoying the whole experience and the blogger head went out the window. I also didn't take any photos of the actual application of make up although I know some other bloggers got some pictures so l'll be on the look out for their posts. So here goes with what I can remember:

The make over began with a cleaning process using the best selling cleaning oils. To create a smooth base for foundation and even out skin tone the make up artists used the UV under base mousse (this is a fantastic product and I'll definitely be making a purchase) and to create a radiant flawless looking skin she used the light bulb fluid foundation and then added the nobara cream cover stick concealer. After this I won't lie I cant remember. One of the tips I did pick up was on creating smoking eyes. I've mentioned smoky eyes is my weakness and one of the best tips is to use a brown/gold tone eye shadows and then add a darker black/grey colour to the corner of the eyes. I have since tried to copy the look she created and found the tips very effective. Finally no Shu Uemura make over would be complete without a set of there signature eye-lashes.  

I would like to thank the make up artist for such a lovely relaxing and enjoyable make over. (I'm now not so scared of make up counters), I feel rather rude in the fact I can't remember her name, although I'm pretty sure I'll be returning soon to pick up a few bits. I would also like to thank Yuna for the picture. Obviously after the make over I excitedly hurried of for drinks with my friends to show of my new look. I'm sure most of you recognise my favourite picture location, good old revolution toilets! Classy as always! 

The make overs retail at £40 for full make up (price list). I think I will defiantly be returning in the future for special occasions, Christmas, my birthday, when Harry Styles accepts my date request etc.  

Have you had a Shu Uemura make over?

What's your verdict? 


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