Thursday, 21 November 2013

Dressing in the dark

  Jacket - ASOS (old)
Jersey top - Primark (£4)
Bag - River Island (old)
Leggings - Topshop (old)

A little weird to post an outfit photo when my first reaction to these photos was did I get dressed in the dark? However I always love the photos Yuna takes regardless of what random outfit I have on. These outfit snapped were after the Neal Yard Remedies event last night, more to come on that tomorrow. 

As usual since I'm never prepared or punctual I was running late to this event. Having had to stay late at work this meant a quick touch up of make up, then to dash out in my work clothes. I'm really not sure what I was thinking with the tartan jacket (It's actually a rather cute jacket just not in the photos) and then a striped jersey top. It's one of the few long sleeve tops I own and in my rush to get to work that's what ended up hastily getting thrown on, I really need to buy more long sleeve tops for the winter. 

To add more clashes to the outfit I then picked up the bag I've currently been using what happens to be be a leopard print style satchel. If I'm totally honest although this entire accidental miss match looks a little ridiculous It's starting to grow on me in some ways. 

The boots are a current favourite and I've lived in them since I bought them on pay day (a whole 5 days ago). I previously featured them on a wish list at the start of the month here.

Also since the eye-make up caused a little stir at the blogger event, If anyone is wondering its the Rimmel Scandaleyes shadow stick in tempting turquoise. I'll be reviewing this in my monthly beauty favourites next week. 


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