Wednesday, 13 November 2013

Monthly Shoe Wishlist

This post is up a little earlier than usual (I usually post around pay day) however at the weekend I'm packing my bags and heading to the fairytale town of Bruges. Hopefully I'll have more exciting things to share with you next week. So far this week seems to be going slow and is quite uneventful. Although I was successful in getting a new job, so maybe a little has happened. Plus I have finally seen the Coca-cola Christmas advert soooo holidays are coming. I guess I've got quite a lot to look forward to next month.

ASOS - Faith Cynthia slipper style heeled shoes - £50
I'm forever on the ASOS app my phone looking at new arrivals adding everything I see to the saved basket. I usually find this tactic pretty good as it gives me chance to really think about what I like and want before I buy it come pay day. It's also a really useful tip to save everything you like then when It comes to buying a dress for example instead of looking through the 100's of pages on ASOS you can look through your saved list of things you know you like.  Anyhow these shoes have been sitting in my saved basket for a while and every time I scroll past them they become more adorable. The cute almost Christmas-esk slipper style make me think if Cinderella had a 9-5 she would of worn these.

Topshop - Malta leather brogue boots - £45
These need to be on my wishlist as I'm really lacking in practical winter shoes. Ballet pumps and converse are not the warmest of footwear and although the rain and snow is still keeping at bay for the moment, this is England and it's inevitable. I love the vintage looking boots they always seem to look more classy and chic and at least when the gritty snowy roads get there hands on them it will add to there appearance. 

The Outnet - Christian Louboutin - Devidas 140 embellished suede pumps - £742.50
I guess the ultimate on every shoe lovers wishlist is a pair of Christian Loutoutins. I came across these on The Outnet which at the moment are stocking a number of pairs of Louboutins and jumped for joy as all the pairs in stock are heavily reduced in price. Sadly for me I still can't afford a pair at the moment but I think I will be saving my pennies and one day I know I'll be strutting around in my own red soles. The Louboutins I've currently fallen in love with above are adorable for winter heels and remind me of Russian doll shoes. 


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